नमक का स्वाद : Moral Story in Hindi

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  1. Sampath says:

    nice moral story……………………..

  2. ambrish singh says:

    I like your all stories

  3. sanjay sahni says:

    Apke gyan roopi baato se .mere sine ka derd kum ho gya hai…..thanks sir

  4. satish says:

    Best story

  5. Yashverdhan singh gaur says:

    bahut achhi lagi

  6. Aasif says:

    very nice so beautiful

  7. arjun singh says:

    Very very very.nice line

  8. vishal singh says:

    Very inspiring story

  9. neha says:

    good n sweet stort

  10. Bhawani shankar says:

    jay hind

  11. Monica Doshi says:

    nowadays people don’t have time to read books… Such short stories pass a good message… Keep it up

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