इंसानियत – “Humanity” – Moral Story

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  1. kush asnani says:

    I like this message

  2. dharmendra singh negi says:

    very very good stories

  3. Sayed Hussain Imam gulsher says:

    Yeh bahut hi achhi Tarah se samjhayee hui kahani hai.

  4. ankit kundra says:

    iss kahani se bhot prabhavit hua

  5. Sunny Pandey says:

    very nice

  6. Swastik says:

    Good story

  7. Heena Soni says:

    Yes..this is true but many people don’t realize that god is everywhere.

  8. Dharam says:

    great post

  9. Harshit spn says:

    अगर इंसान मे इंसानियत हैं तो उसे ढूंढने में जमाने लगेंगे…

  10. rakesh says:

    nice story

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